The Many Different Patterns of Stick on Tiles

The Many Different Patterns of Stick on Tiles

Stick on tiles are a versatile, budget-friendly, and easy-to-install option for homeowners looking to update their interiors. These adhesive-backed tiles come in a variety of patterns, offering endless possibilities for personalisation and creative expression. In this article, we will discuss five popular wall tile designs, including subway, herringbone, chevron, honeycomb and fish scale tiles. 

This list is not extensive! There are new patterns of stick on tiles coming out all the time. So keep your eye on our stock if none of these tickle your fancy.

1. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are rectangular in shape, typically with a 3:1 aspect ratio, and are arranged in a simple, staggered brick pattern. They derive their name from the tiles used in early 20th-century subway stations in New York City. Subway tiles have a timeless appeal and are ideal for creating a clean, contemporary look in kitchens, bathrooms, and splashbacks. They are available in various colours to match your room. 

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 2. Herringbone Tiles

herrinbone tiles

Herringbone tiles are rectangular tiles arranged in an interlocking, zigzag pattern resembling a fish skeleton. The pattern is created by laying the tiles at a 45-degree angle to the adjacent tile, forming a distinctive "V" shape. Herringbone tiles add visual interest and texture to any space and work well as a feature wall.

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3. Chevron Tiles

 Chevron tiles

Chevron tiles are similar to herringbone tiles in that they create a zigzag pattern. Chevron tiles are cut at a 45-degree angle on each end, allowing them to fit together seamlessly to create a continuous "V" pattern. This design creates a more streamlined look compared to herringbone tiles, and it is often used to create a sense of movement and energy in a room.

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4. Honeycomb Tiles

honeycomb tiles

Honeycomb tiles, also known as hexagonal tiles, feature a six-sided, geometric shape. These tiles can be arranged in various patterns, including the classic honeycomb design where the tiles are tightly packed together, creating a seamless, interlocking pattern. Honeycomb tiles are versatile and can be used to create striking feature walls or splashbacks.

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5. Fish Scale Tiles

fish scale tiles

Fish scale tiles, also known as scallop or fan tiles, are characterised by their curved, semi-circular shape, resembling the scales of a fish. These tiles are typically arranged in an overlapping pattern, creating a unique, organic look.


Stick on tiles offer a wealth of design possibilities, allowing homeowners to transform their spaces with ease and affordability. By exploring different patterns such as subway, herringbone, chevron, honeycomb, and fish scale tiles, you can create a personalised look that suits your style and enhances your home's aesthetic.

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