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How to Clean Stick on Tiles

Please note: this article is talking about cleaning stick on tiles post-installation. If you want to learn how to clean and prepare the wall for installation read here.

Depending on where you installed them, your peel and stick splashback tiles may get dirty when cooking, brushing your teeth or from anything else really.

Not to fear! They are incredibly easy to clean.

Just get a damp cloth (or paper towel) and wipe them down with warm water. Because our peel and stick tiles are made with PVC, oils and other gunk should not stick to them.

We recommend not using harsh cleaning chemicals on your tiles. They aren't porous like regular tiles so they shouldn't need it, all they need is a little bit of a wipe down.

If you need a little bit more help than just warm water, consider using a non-abrasive cleaning product like dish soap or glass cleaner. 

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