How Long Do Peel and Stick Tiles Last? - Sticky Tiles™ Australia

How Long Do Peel and Stick Tiles Last?

Our peel and stick tiles have a very durable adhesive that is guaranteed to stick for at least 5 years (as long as you install it properly). 

We've seen stick on wall tiles tiles last 10 years or longer, the adhesive keeps sticking over time. Although they haven't been around for this long experts say that stick on tiles can last 25+ years in the right environment.

One thing to keep in mind if you're looking for your stick on tiles to last a long time is that the colour can fade over time. They are printed on PVC and they are not real tiles, so if there's direct sunlight over many years it can have an effect on the look of the tiles. This won't happen for years though and luckily they can be easily replaced if need be.

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