How Do You Cut/Trim Stick on Tiles?

How Do You Cut/Trim Stick on Tiles?

This advice is only applicable for our products. There are different styles of stick on tiles and we can't guarantee that these methods will work for any other brands or style. 

There are three ways to trim/cut our stick on tiles...

1. Utility Knife

Using a utility knife is probably our most recommended way to trim stick on tiles. It is far easier to make tricky internal cuts with a utility knife than any other method. That's why we usually recommend people get a utility knife and cutting mat to cut or trim their stick on tiles.

2. Scissors

You can cut our stick on tiles with scissors or shears. As long as you have a steady hand and have made a straight line, they are pretty easy to use. It is a bit trickier to make internal cuts with scissors though, so if you have a lot of electrical sockets, faucets or anything like that, consider buying a utility knife.

3. Paper Trimmer

Paper trimmers do a fantastic job of cutting our tiles in a straight line. They're easy to use and make the straightest line out of the three options. They're very difficult to use for internal cuts though, so be sure to have a utility knife on hand if you're using a paper trimmer. Using a paper trimmer + utility knife is the best way to cut and trim stick on tiles. It results in very straight lines for the big cuts and precise internal cuts.

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