Can I Install Stick on Tiles Behind My Stove?

Can I Install Stick on Tiles Behind My Stove?

While our stick on tiles are heat resistant, too much heat will start to loosen the adhesive.

So, the answer is: it depends!

If you have a gas range

If your gas stovetop has a protective back area behind the stove, absolutely no problem. You can apply your peel and stick tiles. See image below to see what we mean.

If your gas stovetop does not have a protective area (like the image below), we recommend leaving 20cm between the stove and your stick on tiles. An option is to install a protective back plate and apply the tiles around it.

If you have an induction range

If your stove is heated via induction, feel free to install them around your stove. Induction emits a lot less heat than gas so it should be okay to apply them behind an induction stove.

Note: toasters

We recommend keeping your toaster 6cm from your stick on tiles. While they most likely won't cause a problem, it's better to play it safe.

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